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Poly Bubble Mailer - Tribute Packaging Inc.

Poly Bubble Mailer

  • $6960

Minimum order of $300

Looking for a durable and secure way to ship your products? Look no further than our poly bubble mailers! These mailers are made from a sturdy poly material that provides a barrier of protection for your items during transit. They feature a bubble lining that cushion your products and protect them from impact and scratches.

Our poly bubble mailers come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs, making them perfect for shipping a wide range of products, from jewelry and electronics to clothing and artwork. They are lightweight, making them cost-effective to ship, and the self-sealing adhesive flap ensures that your packages stay secure during transit.

Custom printing with your business logo or design is also available, increasing brand visibility and promoting your business.

Choose our poly bubble mailers for your shipping needs and give your customers peace of mind knowing their products will arrive in perfect condition. Order yours today!

  • 4" X 7" - 500/case
  • 5" X 9" - 250/case
  • 6.25" X 9" - 250/case
  • 7" X 11" - 100/case
  • 8.25" X 11" - 100/case
  • 8.25" X 13.5" - 100/case
  • 9.25" X 13.5" - 100/case
  • 10.25" X 15" - 100/case
  • 12.25" X 18" - 50/case
  • 14" X 19" - 50/case

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