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Custom Printed Laminated Stand Up Pouches

Custom Printed Laminated Stand Up Pouches

  • $001

A stand up pouch is designed to stand up on it’s own, displaying your product very clearly on the store shelves. All kinds of products can use this type of packaging including: dried foods, powders, gardening seeds, electronics, dishwashing tabs, candy, snacks, etc.

Advantages of stand up pouches:

  • More exposure on the shelves
  • A more professional looking packaging
  • Resealable top closure
  • Laminated moisture barrier will keep your product fresher
  • Easy to open tear off notches
  • Many large retailers REQUIRE products to be packaged in stand up pouches

We can customize your stand up pouch to fit your needs based on what you are putting into the packaging. Depending on the acidity, grease, etc the poly material will be customized to extend the shelf life as long as possible.

Minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces.

Please contact our sales department to request a quote.

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