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Reusable 4 Bottle Wine Bag

  • $135


Made from non woven polypropylene this bag is extremely durable for everyday use. Our standard dimension is 6.75”W x 11”H x 6.5”D, but we can customize to any size you need. When not in use, it can fold flat for easy storage. Partitions for 4 bottles, so that they will not clang against each other while being carried. We can print from 1-8 colors. 1,500 bag minimum order quantity.

Standard Features

  • Double lined fabric on front and back to hide partition stitching
  • Reinforced handles

Optional Upgrades

  • Front pouch
  • Custom sizes
  • Collapsible inserts so that the bag can be used for other items like groceries
  • Extended handles stitched to the bottom
  • Velcro/zipper closure

Minimum order of 1,500 bags of each size/artwork.

Send your artwork to or to get a discounted quote for 3,000+ bags.

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