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Poly Mailers

  • $5800

Are you tired of using flimsy paper envelopes for your mailing needs? Upgrade to our durable poly mailing envelopes!

These envelopes are made from a sturdy poly material that is resistant to water, tears, and punctures, keeping your documents and items safe during transport. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them perfect for any type of mailing need, from business letters to catalogs and brochures.

They feature a self-sealing adhesive flap for easy and secure closure, and can also be custom printed with your business logo or design, making them a great way to promote your brand and increase visibility.

Our poly mailing envelopes are perfect for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to ensure their mail arrives in the best condition possible. Order yours today and experience the durability and convenience of poly mailing envelopes!

Minimum order of $300.

Puncture resistant poly mailers with a permanent adhesive to prevent reopening and tampering. Opaque for privacy of contents.

  • 6" X 9" - 1,000 per case
  • 7.5" X 10.5" - 1,000 per case
  • 9" X 12" - 1,000 per case
  • 10" X 13" - 1,000 per case
  • 12" X 15.5" - 500 per case
  • 14.5" X 19" - 500 per case
  • 19" X 24" - 200 per case
  • 24" X 24" - 200 per case

For custom printed click here.

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